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We are DIFFERENT because we are HYPER-FOCUSED on treating acne and providing solutions that truly work and deliver results long-term. Have you tried everything, been told you are a “lost cause” and given up figuring it out alone? We are here for you! Our mission is to get to the root cause of your skin condition instead of just masking the symptoms with medications. 

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Andrea Montana is the founder of Wing Aesthetics; specializing in long-term acne solutions. She saw a need in the market for evidence-based acne education and treatments that are truly going to work long-term without the use of Accutane or antibiotics. Andrea’s passion for acne care runs soul-deep. 

She’s tried every product, diet, medication, and visited countless dermatologists, “acne specialists”, and estheticians, from Beverly Hills to Florida, trying to clear her skin. Only to hear she was a “lost cause” and there was nothing else they could do. 

Defeated but never giving up, Andrea kept searching for answers which led her to see Mary Freihofner, a true and honest under-the-radar acne specialist who literally changed her life by introducing her to Dr. Fulton's acne education. Now Andrea wants to help every single person struggling with acne and provide hope that clear skin is achievable.

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