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Saying Goodbye to Acne: Transformative Solutions at Wing Aesthetics-Your Acne Clinic

Saying Goodbye to Acne Transformative Solutions at Wing Aesthetics


Are you tired of battling acne and searching for practical solutions that truly work? Say goodbye to the frustration of waking up and seeing, yet again, another pimple appearing and welcome clear, radiant skin with the fully comprehensive approach that makes us different at Wing Aesthetics! In this blog post, we will explore some causes of acne, understand the importance of seeking professional help, and delve into the evidence-based treatments provided by Wing Aesthetics to help you achieve the flawless complexion you’ve always desired.

Understanding Acne: A Common Skin Dilemma

Acne, one of the most frustrating skin conditions affecting millions worldwide, occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Mix in the acne bacteria, which is normal flora on the skin which is why antibiotics will never work long-term. But most importantly- our genetics. 

The Role of Genetics

Acne is an inherited disorder, and why some individuals suffer while others do not. Our genetics affect what is happening deep in the pores of an acne-prone person. The result? Unwanted pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads can take a toll on our self-confidence. While acne is often associated with adolescence, half of Americans who are struggling with acne are adults, so no matter your age, we have the knowledge and experience to give you long-lasting results.  

The Importance of Professional Guidance

Before embarking on any acne-fighting journey, it is crucial to seek professional guidance. At Wing Aesthetics, your acne nurse will teach you more about acne and give you the education, treatment plan, and guidance needed to see results. This is why your initial acne appointment is 90 minutes because we are thorough, detailed, and we truly care about your results. Your acne nurse understands the complexities of each individual’s skin; therefore, a personalized approach helps identify your specific type of acne and the correct protocol and treatment plan to achieve optimal results. 

Mistakes to Avoid

Your acne nurse will educate you on common mistakes that can exacerbate acne. These include aggressive scrubbing, wrong products or ingredients, lifestyle factors, and picking at pimples, leading to scarring and further inflammation. Proper guidance ensures that patients are educated about the dos and don’ts of acne management. 

Transformative Solutions Offered by Wing Aesthetics

Wing Aesthetics takes a holistic approach to acne treatment, combining advanced technology with evidence-based practices. Let’s explore some of the transformative solutions they offer:

Pharmaceutical Grade Treatments and Home Care: Kick start your acne-clearing journey with an in-depth skin analysis, skin sensitivity test, and customized treatment that will allow your skin to be prepped and allow your home care to start working immediately. These treatments target clogged pores, remove impurities, and promote cell turnover while fading past acne marks. These treatments allow your acne nurse to assess your skin and develop the best treatment plan to ensure optimal outcomes and results. 

Laser Therapy: Wing Aesthetics is one of the first clinics in the tri-state area to provide this FDA-approved laser to treat mild, moderate, and severe acne. AviClear’s 1726 nm energy wavelength treats acne at the source by safely and effectively targeting and suppressing the over-active sebaceous glands from producing thick pore-clogging oil that leads to clogged pores and acne. AviClear targets these overactive sebaceous glands to regulate their sebum production without causing damage to the rest of the skin. After each treatment, the think detrimental oil is reduced, which eases inflammation and future acne breakouts. A full treatment plan consists of 3 treatments, and your best results are seen six months after your last treatment, but what stands Wing Aesthetics apart is that we know exactly how to treat acne topically so by combining effective home care with the AviClear laser; you are receiving the best acne care in the nation!

Prescription Medications: We do not prescribe any topical or oral prescriptions because of the lack of long-term effects seen with antibiotics, birth control pills, and even Accutane. Your acne nurse knows personally how it feels to take all of these, including Accutane, and still struggle with acne, which has led her to understand acne to a whole different level. Especially if you are young, we don’t want you taking prescription pills for the next 20 years in an attempt to clear your acne. Most oral medications for acne you cannot take long-term, or if you do, they start to lose their effectiveness as we age, such as spironolactone. Unfortunately, most prescription topical medications contain pore-clogging ingredients, which is why most individuals still struggle while using prescription topicals. Even if you are prescribed the appropriate active ingredient for your type of acne, the inactive ingredients and fillers in many of these medications are full of some of the worst ingredients that an acne-prone person can put on their skin. At Wing Aesthetics, your acne nurse has worked diligently to know and understand every ingredient in what we provide. We can fully control what we provide you and what goes into our medicated ingredients which is what sets us apart. They are pharmaceutical-grade products meaning they are the highest quality, and when paired with the knowledge of how to use them, your results. 

Your Journey to Acne-Free Skin Starts at Wing Aesthetics

Embarking on your journey to clear, acne-free skin with Wing Aesthetics is more than just a series of treatments; it’s an experience tailored to your unique needs. Your acne nurse at Wing Aesthetics works diligently to understand your concerns, goals, and preferences to curate a personalized treatment plan that addresses your acne concerns effectively.

Step 1: Consultation

Your transformation begins with an in-depth consultation with Andrea, your acne nurse. Your medical history, lifestyle factors, and skincare will be evaluated during this session. Understanding these elements is vital in creating an appropriate treatment plan that suits you best.

Step 2: Personalized Treatment Plan

Based on the information gathered, your acne nurse will design a personalized treatment plan outlining the recommended procedures and medicated products to use at home. This comprehensive approach ensures that your journey to clear skin is well-guided and supported.

Step 3: Professional Treatments

As you progress on your acne-free journey, we recommend professional treatments tailored to your skin’s specific needs. The team at Wing Aesthetics will closely monitor your progress, making any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal results. Andrea, your acne nurse, is available 24/7 to provide guidance and answer any questions. We truly care about each of our patients and want success and results. 

Step 4: At-Home Skincare

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin doesn’t stop at the clinic. Your acne nurse will provide a skincare routine that complements the in-office treatments. These products are intentionally selected based on all of the factors gathered above and are crucial for your results. Acne is manageable, and we know we can provide you with long-term results. We give you our commitment and provide the best possible care we can, which extends into home care. 

Conclusion: Embrace Radiant, Acne-Free Skin with Wing Aesthetics

In conclusion, battling acne can be frustrating, but achieving clear, radiant skin is within reach with the right guidance and transformative solutions at Wing Aesthetics. Your acne nurse knows the struggle personally and has dedicated her life to learning the best possible protocols and treatments to clear acne. We never give up on our patients and put our absolute heart and soul into being your acne provider. 

Don’t let acne hold you back from feeling confident and beautiful. Schedule an acne appointment with Wing Aesthetics today and take the first step towards a life-changing transformation. Remember, radiant skin awaits you at Wing Aesthetics. Book your appointment online and embark on your journey to acne-free skin today!


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